Raffle Website Questionnaire

Personal Information (For Contact Purposes and Hosting and Domain Registrations)

Information For Website

Please Note down colours which you would like to use for the website. Please check the colour codes HERE and note down the HEX code below box.

You can chose colours and find the codes here.

Please select a font style you would like to use from HERE and note down the font name in below boxes.

Revisions & Other Amendments: We acknowledge that any initial requirements not met will be subject to revisions, contingent upon the nature of the work. Up to three revisions per page will be provided for adjustments related to layout, color, placement of information, content, or other website elements. However, any further revisions beyond the initial three per page will be subject to a fee of £25 per hour or as otherwise agreed upon, which will be communicated along with an estimated cost. It is important to note that even work taking less than an hour will incur a charge of £25. To optimise efficiency and minimize costs, it is recommended to provide a comprehensive list of revisions altogether. Should you disagree with these revision terms, it is advised not to submit this form. In the event of a disagreement regarding revision terms after work has commenced, we reserves the right to cancel the project and issue a refund to the client, deducting any payments incurred for hosting or third-party services.
Extra Features & Requirements: Should additional pages, options, or products be requested beyond the initial agreement, a reassessment of project time frame and cost will be necessary. While efforts will be made to accommodate these additions without extra charges, if fees are applicable, the client will be provided with an estimated cost for approval before proceeding.
Lead Time Frame: Timely delivery within the agreed-upon time frame is contingent upon the provision of required information and the absence of additional requests during project execution. Any additional revisions or tasks added during the project will extend the delivery time frame, with the client promptly informed of any changes.