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Top Benefits of  Submit website to google search engine (Website Google Submission)
  1. It helps bloggers to monitor site search engine visibility.
  2. On which keywords their sites are ranking for.
  3. It helps to improve site crawling and indexing.
  4. You can monitor “404 Not Found” pages and redirect them to the existing ones.
  5. To monitor whether the site is crawlable by spiders/robots or not.
  6. Is their site are mobile-friendly. You can check it by visiting Console Dashboard> Search Traffic> Mobile Usability.
  7. Is there any issue need to be fixed? Such as HTML improvements.
  8. Figuring out “404 Not Found” pages as well as other HTTP errors.
  9. Monitoring site hacks and malware detection.
  10. You can also find which keywords are driving organic traffic via Google.
  11. Find the inbound links to your site and the numbers of total links.
  12. You can submit the sitemap to Google, which helps in improving indexing and crawling procedure.
  13. Finally submitting sitemap in GSC, help search robots to improve crawling and indexing procedure.
  14. Robots.txt tester helps webmasters to address “Whether their site’s robots.txt file is correctly configured or not?”
  15. Finally “Fetch as Google” is the best way of rapidly indexing your latest posts in Google search engine’s database.


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