Easy Elements Hider Pro – WordPress Plugin

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Easy Elements Hider allows you to hide elements on your website easily without editing style.css file. It’s user-friendly, and you have to add only the CSS class or id in the settings section. The plugin will take care of the rest and hide that element. You can hide any section or element (headers, a, img, div, li, p, span, ul, ol and li or any HTML code) using this plugin. Also, you can hide admin menu items and hide admin dashboard elements using this plugin.

You can hide any of the elements below.
  1. Hide Header Elements – h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
  2. Hide Paragraph Elements – p
  3. Hide Horizontal Ruler – hr
  4. Hide links – a (anchors)
  5. Hide lists – ul (unordered list) and – ol (ordered list) and – li (list element)
  6. Hide the images – img
  7. Hide dividers – div
  8. Hide span – span
Especially this WordPress plugin is really good for web developers. Using our Easy Elements Hider plugin you can hide any element in the admin dashboard. You can hide an admin menu items and you can use admin section elements. This plugin is really good for control elements’ visibility on your WordPress website. If you need plugin customisation feel free to contact us


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