Online Booking System For Covid Affected Businesses

In this pandemic, everything in our day to day life affected. It seems pandemic situation have a longer plan. Rather than lockdown and stay at home we have to adapt our lives to go along with the situation. There are many precautions and government security measures we have to follow. Have you ever think of having an online booking system for covid affected business? It’s very tricky when it comes to the businesses which have more human contacts and interaction. Especially when we meet people in person for business purposes it’s we have to follow certain precautionary measures to protect us from Coronavirus.  For the Personal Care Services Industry, Hospitality Industry and also many other industries which have more human contact will need a proper customer management system to stay in the business in this hard time. We have built a user-friendly system especially for the personal care industry but expanding to other business models as well.  Yes, online booking system for covid affected business can make a huge change to the businesses who are unsure about their

Case Study (Online Booking System for COVID Affected Business

The Issue

Beauty Salon, Barbershop and Spa Industry always have customers in their permisses to waiting for their turn. It’s concerning to keep the number of people waiting at the premises in this pandemic situation. So we should have a system to keep the minimum number of customers on the premises at a time. 

The Solution

If the Buty salon, Barbershop or Spa has a booking system in place customers can make a booking online and then come to the premises when their time is due. In this case, we will be able to minimise the number of customers staying on the premises. We can offer an online booking facility via web or mobile portal. Everybody have mobile phones today. So visit your website and make a booking will be a very simple process.

Implementation & Process

Initially, we can set up the website and booking system for the business. Once booking system in place we can promote it via the business Facebook account, Instagram account, twitter account as well as in google business listings as well. Otherwise, if a customer directly visits the premises to get your service you can simply pass your booking portal link to them. So people start to book online and as soon as the user made an online booking business will receive a notification to their mobile phone or email with the booking information. It will be a simple and straightforward system.


  1. Customer can visit the booking portal (website) using their mobile phone, tablet or PC.
  2. Customer will be able to see available slots by date and time. Then they can make the booking as per their choice.
  3. If the business wants to take the online payment or booking deposit; that can be implemented into the booking system.
  4. Once the customer made a booking business will receive an email or phone notification with the booking information. 
  5. Business can either set it automatic accept or business can manually review and accept the booking. 
  6. If the circumstances changed business will have an option to cancel or reallocate the bookings. 
  7. Business can define their opening times, closing times, booking restrictions within the system to avoid unwanted bookings.
  8. SMS (Text Message) system can be integrated so the business can send booking adjustments, reallocation notification to the customer through the system (SMS service costs per the SMS)


  1. On the customer side, customers will have oppertunity to minimise their human contact at the premises. 
  2. Customer can save more of their time when they have a specific time.
  3. The business will have the opportunity to minimise the customers in premises at a time. 
  4. Business can promote their business and booking system via social media and Google to get more exposure.
  5. With the right system in place, more customer will engage with the business. 
Rather than close down in the pandemic situation you will have oppertunity to run the business smoothly. It’s time not to run away but face the situation, find the solutions, overcome the challenges and start to live with it.  Why wait, your booking system one click away. Contact us today for more information.