Internet Setup Guide For Working From Home

Hey friends, the Covid-19 situation has pushed many of us towards remote jobs. Right? However, many of us have grown immense interest for work from home jobs instead of that 9 to 5 constant grind. In fact, you may notice that people have started rejecting nine to five jobs for accepting remote job offers. It has been observed that recently the demand for work-from-home jobs has increased from both the employer and employee side. And it is expected that the demand is going to show an uptrend in the future too. Good internet connection is very crucial for people to perform work from home efficiently. But most people will agree that internet connectivity creates problems for remote jobs. Do not worry, focus on the internet setup guidance given in the blog and enjoy performing work from home.

Are you aware of a good internet speed essential for working from home? Well, here is a detailed discussion for the same:

1.Is 50 Mbps ideal for WFH? This internet speed is ideal if you require to forward videos to friends or stream movies, series. Do you need to involve others in streaming? Then this speed is not bad to have. It suggests as long as you need to perform light online tasks, 50 Mbps is good to go. 2.Now let us move to 100 Mbps internet speed This internet speed is needed when a lot of productive online tasks are carried on in your house.  3.Last but not the least 200 Mbps Large households and huge internet power users are suggested to opt for 200 Mbps internet speed. 200 Mbps is undoubtedly a very good internet speed for all of us. But if your online tasks are heavy, you must go for 200 Mbps internet connectivity.  Do you have a smart home system? Are your family members fond of spending their maximum time online? Then 200 Mbps internet speed is the best choice for you. It is suggested that if you are working from home, 50 to 100 Mbps internet speed is a must to have. And not less than 10 Mbps upload speeds are required for uploading large files to the internet.  But you may get confused with the situation to use 50 Mbps. Right! Well, you are not required to attend video conferencing, stream on YouTube, upload large files, or deliver graphic designs to the clients. Then 50 Mbps internet speed is good to go with. Because one who needs to perform any of these or all of these find 100 Mbps or higher good for his/her work from home.  But currently or in the future, you may require adding more people for online tasks, dependency on higher internet speed increases. Even if you have started using more devices that consume the internet, you need to have connectivity of higher internet speeds. Say, for example, 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps is a must for the smooth running of all your devices. 

The kind of network you need to work from home:

Are you in search of a new ISP? Then you require reliable and fast downloading and uploading speeds. Further, try to get at least one terabyte of data each month to be efficient on all your online work from home.  Upload speeds: This suggests how speedily you can upload things on the internet. The faster upload speeds undoubtedly allow attachments of PDF to your email in a jiffy. Additionally, you will also enjoy other attractive facilities like Zoom calling and so on. And we all are aware that video conferencing is very important for any kind of work from home job. Download speeds: Are you able to fast access things online? Then you are considered to have high download speeds. Faster downloading speeds enable fast loading of Netflix movies, your websites, and so on. You can even find it easy to access email and work even faster than before. Data: Well, it is difficult to point out anything online that does not use the internet. Starting from streaming to downloading large files, it utilizes huge data capacity.  In this context, it is important to mention two categories of internet providers:
  • One who offers the facility of unlimited data capacity.
  • The other one offers you at least 1 TB of data every month. 
Here the first one is the name of the app, the second is recommended download speed and the third one is suggested upload speeds.
Application Download Speed Upload Speed
Zoom1 1.2–3 Mbps 1.2–3 Mbps
Slack2 200 Kbps–4 Mbps 100 Kbps–600 Kbps
Skype3 30 Kbps–8 Mbps 30 Kbps–1.5 Mbps
Cisco Webex4 0.5–2.5 Mbps 0.5–3 Mbps
Google Hangouts Me5 18 Kbps–3.2 Mbps 12 Kbps–3.2 Mbps
Remember that you must take a speed test to identify your actual speed. Because such tests can assure you that you require higher internet speed. Suppose you live in a hostel with your roommates who make use of the huge internet. Or you work from home where other members frequently need huge data capacity to remain busy online. Both the above-mentioned situations call for much high internet speed connectivity. And the above box suggests much slower internet speeds compared to 50, 100, or 200 Mbps.  Speed tests sometimes help you to make the right decision regarding purchasing an internet connection. Suppose you are unknowingly paying high for faster internet speeds which you are not in actual need of. So speed tests help you to identify that mistake. Moreover, it is recommended to move to another service provider or call your ISP. 

Well, you are trying to find remote jobs for which you need high internet speed connectivity. Right! 

1.Blockchainworks-hub: First and foremost, we need to mention a very interesting and vital remote job site i.e. Blockchain-works hub. Well, it is a hub of the blockchain operating globally. It is a community that can provide you with several lucrative works at the same time.  You need to sign up and get quick notification of related resources, news and jobs instantly and without any hassle. You can even compare company culture, tech stacks, global as well as team impact.  Do you have plans either to use or expand the commercial use of the Blockchain? Then you need to sign up at  [email protected]. Then try to keep in touch with the website for the best remote job opportunities.  2.Stillhiring.io: This site offers crowdsourced details about companies hiring even in this Covid-19 pandemic situation.  3.JustRemote.co: This job site lists details about remote marketing, sales, HR, and jobs in other fields. 4.WFH But Hiring: This site contains companies who hire employees for work from home jobs. 5.We work Remotely: You can sign up for this site for free and get information about jobs related to programming, copywriting, teaching, and other jobs. 6.Remote work summit: This site lists the companies hiring for freelance jobs, remote jobs, and so on.  7.Remote Ok: A job board where you can access remote jobs related to software development, customer service, marketing, design, and so on. 8.Remotive: Here payment is required but currently they have offered 50% off on both lifetime and annual fee. And you will get a free informative email newsletter. Are you in search of a higher internet speed to efficiently perform all your work-from-home tasks? Here is the solution: Yes, Wi-Fi is a good option but not the best one. Because it is unable to work, there is a lot of distance between your device and the router. It will result in the same even if a lot of objects are placed in-between.  So the ultimate one is an Ethernet cable for good and high internet connectivity.  Basically, the home internet plans are different from the official ones. Most of the time, less bandwidth is found in the case of home internet plans. In such cases, the Ethernet cable is the only option for the smooth functioning of online tasks. Whenever you are working in an office environment, you are enjoying the facility of faster speed even in the same lane. You need the connection of Ethernet cable in the home for high internet speed hassle-free WFM jobs.  But if you want to continue with Wi-Fi, try to pick the best Wi-Fi router for long-range

We were talking about increasing the internet speed. Right? Apart from seeking help from the Internet service provider, try out the following too:

1.Restarting of the router: Maybe there are some errors in the memory that have slowed down your internet connectivity. So it is always good to try restarting the router and wash away all the errors in its memory. 2.Purchasing a new router: Has a lot of time passed since you bought your first router? Please replace it with the best Wi-Fi router for long-range. Now, the best routers are made of advanced technologies and focus on providing higher internet speed. Here are the 10 tips for enhancing your internet speed:
  • Closely watch your data cap.
  • As already discussed, go for router resetting.
  • Make your router move a bit
  • Try using Ethernet cables, ad blocker, and antivirus software.
  • Make your cache full clear
  • Do not forget to check your web browser.
Other than these, you have the option to talk to your internet service provider about shifting to a new and faster internet plan. Will the internet be disconnected if someone is unable to pay the internet bill in the Covid-19 situation? It is recommended to contact your ISP if you are finding it difficult to pay the internet bill. Because flexible internet plans are often available with several internet service providers.  Has your service ended up going out? Maybe it is due to disconnection or another type of outage. Keep a note of the date and time the outage started, then call ISP. Remember to keep proof of the calls and a note of how long the outage has lasted. Because such proof is helpful for earning credit on your bill.  Conclusion: We have tried to guide you thoroughly regarding internet usage in case you are working from home. We hope that you have understood the hell-heaven difference between office and home internet connectivity. The blog also suggests your remote job sites like blockchain.works-hub, and so on.