How to get your website TOP RANK on google

If you own a website, by now you’ll be familiar with the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the method of taking advantage of search engines especially google’s algorithms to get your website to the top page of the world’s largest search engine. Anybody who is excited to get their site to the top of the Google or other search pages (yes, you should be) will be regularly looking for new ways to increase their search engine visibility. This is important so that people can find your business when they search for your relevant keywords. Otherwise, your site going to be lost in the deep of the internet, and online customers will be unlikely to ever stumble upon your services. That’s why businesses now spend thousands, on digital marketing and SEO strategies. But – there are some simple steps you can do yourself, for free, to get you started. Here are some more cool SEO tricks. SEO is complicated at first and can be an added difficulty on top of the daily running of your business. Let’s start!

Use an SEO Hosting Service

If you have no clue where to start with SEO, don’t worry! There is assistance out there that can handle things for you, and answer your problems about how to learn SEO yourself.

What do SEO hosts do, exactly?

Basically, those companies set up an affiliate network for you, which will drive more visitors to your website. The more affiliate networks you have, the more authority your site gain in Google’s terms – which reaches higher search engine ranking.

Write High-Quality Content

The contents on your website need to be top-notch. Read it accurately: does your site make you want to buy your products or services? Is the grammar perfect? If you’re not convinced about the efficiency of your copywriting, use a digital marketing company to craft some astonishing contents for you. Beside this, you need the right keywords on your site. How are Google searchers going to find you? Let’s say you run a cleaning business. You want potential users/customers to find your site at the top of Google when they search for ‘Cleaners in (Your Town).’ To do this, you’ll need to understand: Keyword analysis – find out how many people search for your desired keywords using Google Adwords. It’s a paid service but offers explicit advice about which keywords you should go for. You can also use SEMRush or Ahrefs. Keyword consistency – Google penalizes websites that use keywords too consistently. Try to keep keyword consistency less than 2% of your entire page content. Positioning – keywords are most potent when they’re used in page headers, subheadings, and added in the first and last sentences on your web page. URL – make sure your keyword is in the URL of all your pages.

Enhance Your Social Signals

Every moment the link to your website is shared on social media, Google and other search engines recognizes this. They think people are talking about your site, adding authority and relevance. Improving your site’s social signals is an excellent way to work towards greater rankings. Ensure you have social media presence for your business on all the popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, (at least) and that you always post on each one, mostly once per day. Post and share business updates, photos of new products, and continuously reply to comments. Encourage people to share these.

Easy ways to improve your social signals:

  • Ask friends and families to post about your business.
  • Offer regular rewards to those who follow your page, and like and share your posts.
  • Consider working hard on your Facebook – Billions of users using Facebook nowadays.
  • Work with influencers (aka people with large followings, like Young Slacker)
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